Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Supposed Crack Addicts Aren't Usually My Kind of Role Model...

Lindsay Lohan. Oh, Lindsay. I love the name, but that's where it stops. I feel like the unique something this ex-redhead used to have has gone up in smoke from one of her frenemies' joints. Mean Girls=Future classic, but she=LA It Ho.

BUT as much as I hate to admit, the girl is fast becoming something close to.....a fashion icon. Don't choke on your lunch.
So in honour of the blonde bitch, here are some outfits, Lindsay style.

Trilby. Tweed shorts. Oversized blue bag to bring colour to the outfit. Slouchy cream cardigan.
Navy silk top prevents outfit looking too casual.
Well, as a huge Mischa fan, I have to say here, she was the one who "started" the Trilby Trend. Trilby, 12pounds Asos.

Looking like a mix of her mum, Dinah and LA stylist Rachel Zoe, Lindsay wears a summery bandeau dress to perfection. The big sunglasses and headband with the long, tousled hair make her look like a Brigitte Bardot inspired filmstar. Whether she really is is debatable. The high heels and big monochrome (Chanel?) bag keep the outfit from veering to boho and casual. No jewellery was a good choice, the accessories are powerful enough on their own.

Asos have the answer, bandeau dress, on sale reduced from 30-18 pounds.

<<< Rock Star girlfriend? Rock t-shirt, something which is becoming one of her staples. Check out asos for similiar t-shirts. Aviators. Black skinny jeans.
She does know how to dress, I'll give her that. Again, black skinny jeans with Christian Louboutin lookalikes (except the heels are too thick) a white blouse and again, a slouchy grey cardigan.

Is Lindsay worthy of the title 'fashion icon'?
Yes. I'm a lover of the ever-changing hair-colour actress's style.
No. Obviously she holds Rachel Zoe hostage to help her dress in the morning. free polls

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