Monday, August 27, 2007

For Accessories Addicts-Rehab Is Far

Through Lalaliu, I found This Charming Girl. A website full of goodies like handmade or vintage goodies like earrings, brooches, necklaces, trinket tins. I'm not going to put up my absolute favourites in the fear that one of you will order them. And that would just be mean! But I will put up my 2nd favourites, cos you've got to think of others too haven't you?

(TOP) 'He who holds the key can unlock my heart,' heart pendant 9 pounds.

Love Bow 9 pounds.

Postcard To You 7.50 pounds.

And finally, Telephone Earrings which somehow remind me of 1940s housewives...7.00 pounds

Through Lala The Art Geek, I found Lalaliu, her website for her own fashion designs. I think she could easily get a job designing for those casual, printed Zara t-shirts as her designs are so unusual, funny, eye-catching and cute! I especially love this one with the people and the umbrellas...and just $15 (under 't-shirts').Lalaliu-do you do requests?I know that sounds cheeky, but I would really love an Alice in Wonderland (I'm in an Alice phase atm-I just love that blue checked dress and 'Alice band') theme plain white-t shirt and your style of drawing would look so good with that! Let me know, I'd be willing to pay more if necessary...

I'm off now, America's Next Top Model is supposedly on now, but that TV guide seems to be contradicting itself.

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lalaliu said...

heyy! omg thanks for this lovely post! You are way awesome :D
And I'd love to do some designs of Alice in the wonderland! I did have one design called "Alice in the FlowerLand" that you can check out in the sold items from my etsyshop - But I'd love to do another one. And yes! I'd love to exchange links. Oh and the shirt I basically used Microsoft word to get the letters and then i cut them out and did a stencil. I used silkscreen paint and some acrylic :D