Thursday, August 16, 2007


I realise that my first ever post might have seemed a little bitchy. I was in a bitchy mood.


do you like the new word? Forgasm...maybe one day it will end up in the Oxford Dictionary...Well, from now on, this word means fashion orgasm. Incase you hadn't guessed.

And trust me, this subject is forgasmic!

The Clothes Show Live. It's back. I was hoping to go last year, but 'It's all the way in Birmingham, Sky, next year you can go.' Anyway the website last year didn't look that great. But let me tell you, this year it makes the Show look AMAZING. My mum will have to let me go, or I will run away with the Russian Circus and have them take me there.

A video pops up and starts showing this amazing combination of performance and fashion and you get a Forgasm. well, i did!

So this year, I really DO intend on going.

So here's for some facts.

Clothes Show Live, 7-12 December 2007.

Over 400 fashion, hair and beauty companies exhibited.

No invite needed, order a ticket from the site for around 23 pounds.

Model Scouts. Celebrities. Performances.

Need i say more? Hopefully I had you with the first three words. Clothes Show Live.

If not...well, you should see a doctor.

Watch the video on here of Clothes Show Live 2006 highlights, I couldn't get the official one so you'll have to go on the site for that.

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la petite fashionista said...

haha you're hillarious. I love your blog as well! It looks like its coming around great from the looks of it! I look forward to seeing what you come up with!:)

xoxo, lauren