Saturday, August 25, 2007

Got A Party Coming Up? Lucky You.

I would order this dress if I were you. It's available in blue or cream, and while it's nothing out of the ordinary, it's gorgeous in simplicity. Very Marchesa. (It's supposed to be in 'the style of Kate Bosworth', but sorry to disappoint-it's nothing like the dress she's wearing)
And just 38 pounds too! Christmas has come!

My advice with this dress, if you're interested, is to go big on accessories. You can do this as the dress is so simple. Gold would be a good, contrasting colour. Wear with Grecian sandals, or heels. A detailed (big and flat) necklace would probably look really stunning.
Btw, the dress is much bluer on the video, you might want to take a look.


dusk&summer said...

adorable and it looks so comfy too.

lalaliu said...

that dress looks lovely. I love the details on the bottom.