Thursday, October 25, 2007

So Much to Say...A Whole Day to Explain.

I'm really enjoying my half term so far.
My last post was saturday just gone.
So here is a day-by-day account of what I have done.
this is kind of helfpul to me because I am so unreliable in diary keeping so maybe in years I will look back and read this and it will be my diary.
If it bores you, skip to the part about London.

I saw my friend Chloie, went to her house. We didn't have the energy (or the money) to trawl round shops, so instead of going to town, we went to the park. We sat on the swings talking about college and lay on the grass talking a bit more. We saw a little girl who looked alot like Madeleine Mcann, but we were sure it wasn't her as her face was different. The resemblance was just weird though, and it was even weirder when a mother shouted to her daughter "Maddie!" across the park. It was to another little girl but it was odd anyway that we thought this little girl looked like Maddie and then suddenly a mother called her name to a different girl. We realised it might look a little paedophilic if we kept lying on the grass in the park watching the little kids play and laughing at what they did, so we made an exit, bought some food and went back to hers.

My mum had got this free treat from her Nectar points so she chose a family portrait at a photographic studio. I really love photography and I'm hoping to do it as an A-level next year. I was also excited to get a taste of a model's life. =D
It was fun she took a few pictures, we posed and smiled then left with her business card and a time booked to come back to see the developed pictures. the photographer was quite unusual. She answered the door in a paint-splashed white boiler suit and told us all about her life in Wales as a wedding photographer. Later that evening I went to Brighton to stay round the house of my old friend Kamay. We rarely get to see eachother anymore because we live in different places, but we always click back when we meet up. Her ginger boyfriend, Ruper was there and he was really sweet and I met her eccentric friend Tod. On

We went shopping in Brighton, with no money but it was still refreshing to be out of my town. And I love Brighton, it's alternative and there's so much to do. I caught the bus back home, I always like taking the bus cos it's a time that I can just relax, not need to be doing anything and just stare out the window day-dreaming.

This had to be a highlight of my week. I met my friend Caroline at the Station with her mum. We took the train to London Victoria, and then took the Tube to the French Embassy. Caroline is French and she had to get her passport re-done. I don't remember ever taking the tube before but it was easy, and actually quite fun! God, I should get out more. Being in the French Embassy was like being in France-they all spoke French. Caroline's mum was told to wait 4 hours till they could see her. So Caro and I set off on our own adventure to get the Tube to the National Gallery. My latest Art project at school is about structures, so we had to go and visit an exhibition. I have to say it was really un-inspiring, the paintings were from the 1500s-1900s and mostly painted in the typical classical style that was popular then. There were lots of portraits of wealthy people, lots of religious notes. The building itself was gorgeous though. Huge rooms linking to the next and the next and I did enjoy seeing Degas paintings. We weren't allowed to take pictures but I took some of the outside.

After the exhibition we went to Pret across the road and I bought a cheese and pickle baguette. We ate in Trafalgar square, watching the people pass. With another few hours till Caro's mum was free, we realised we were in London, unsupervised and could do alsmost anything we wanted. Can you guess what we did?


As we were leaving Trafalgar, we asked a lady how to get to Oxford Street. She told us to take the Tube. So we went to the underground and took the tube. When we stepped onto the street we were confronted with a huge, huge Topshop store. Then looking down the street I saw Zara, mango, Bershka, Gap, Miss Selfridge just to name a few. We ran into Topshop, squealing with happiness and excitement and were surrounded by fashionistas scrambling to get to the rails. The Topshop back home wasn't even as big as the ground floor! There were several floors and loads and loads of clothes. It was pure heaven. But also hell as I had no money to spend.

So we spent a couple of hours window shopping on Oxford street, and then met Caroline's mum and went to Harrod's. I would love to live in there. I saw some amazing dresses in the Evening wear. Valentino, jenny Packham, Marchesa. Then there was the food hall, the sweet shop, and the shoe floor. It was just heaven. heaven, heaven, heaven. Walking through the shop we passed private school boys, radiating wealth, a mother trying on a designer suit while her privately-educated children lay on the couches in their school uniform cocnsisting of green blazers, woolen tights and black sandals. Another guy strode past with a Harrods bag, pausing to flick through Galliano's collection. It was like being in another world. Not to forget the jewellery room. That needs no explaining. Every corner of it gleaned, glinted and glistened. I tried to get a picture but it was banned.

So it was a truly great day. It felt great o have been somewhere different, and to be somewhere so busy and thriving. I LOVE London. I also felt so happy that Caro and I had managed to take the Tube on our own for the first time making no mistakes of where we were going. But there was even more to come, as we walked through London Victoria, I noticed a girl who looked really familiar. I kept looking at her until I realised that I wasn't seeing her in a magazine, but in real-life. It was Peaches Geldof! She had dark eyebrows and very blonde hair, in a style that Kate Moss now has. I i think i remember her wearing a cream/grey/light voloured cardigan, bt I was trying to hard to see if it was her, I didn't notice her outfit. She was standing with a blonde girl in the queue for tickets and looking in a mirror. I nudged caro and said 'Look! It's Peaches Geldof!' and when she spotted her, Peaches turned and looked straight at her. It was so weird to see her in 3d form, not just printed on a pice of paper in a magazine. By the time it had sunk in that wwe had seen her, we had got to the top of the steps and realised we should have asked for an autograph or had a photo taken with her.

But it really was a great day. And we are planning on going back after my birthday and Xmas, with our Xmas money, so check back to see what we bought.

This is my 50th post!


Just a girl said...

Wow! Oxford St?! Topshop? Peaches Geldof?! Soo jealous!

And yes, my friend is on your side on the world, and in your country, in fact! I'm so jealous of her amongst all those boys with cute English accents...*sigh*

How did you find my blog?

Just a girl

la petite fashionista said...

i was in london over the summer and adored it! your trip sounds amazing, haha the peaches geldof part made me laugh bc i know the feeling from fashion u; it's so weird seeing celebrities in person!xoxo