Friday, March 21, 2008

Cold Turkey (and chocolate)

It's time to admit it, and i already have, but I have an addiction to fashion blogs. I imagine I'm not alone, that there are many others, but it really does make me feel like a twat.

After school I come home, tell myself i will eat and relax by going on the laptop for 30 mins before i start work. Perfect! I can look at all my favourite blogs and surf ebay and eat at the same time. So really i'm saving time because I'm doing two things at once. Half an hour turns into 'just 5 minutes more' because i've found a gorgeous vintage dress on ebay (also an addiction). But for some reason, all that rounding up sums in maths over the years has made my mind do the same thing with time (half past and whole hours)-it's 4.10 now so 'what's the harm in staying on till 4.30?'. Before I know it, I've found something else even more vital to do on ebay, because it really is a vital item of vintage clothing. 6 o'clock comes (and goes) and suddenly Hollyoaks is on, and luckily I'm not addicted to TV as well-Hollyoaks is basically the only thing i regularly watch- and I can't miss the Nancy/Jake/Justin/Katie storyline so off goes the laptop.

See? It's really an addiction. If you were to make a key to describe time with my laptop habits then 30 mins is 1hr30, and 2 hours is 4. It's really bad. Atleast I'm not addicted to bebo/myspace anymore. No, the constant vanity of other girls (including my friends)uploading their latest pictures with their cleavages subtly-or not so- squeezed in has taken its course with me. Instead fashion vanity has replaced it.

SO i wrote out a whole list of rules, telling myself that it's all in my best interest..."(No. 2)No more fashion sites etc, until I've done work. (No. 3) Maximum of 1 hour on laptop -for fun-.

That didn't work either.

So after a sobbing admittance (that my work is comign second to fashion etc etc) on the phone to my dad, I decided to go extremely cold turkey. I got my sister to change the password (to one I don't know) to log on to the user account, I changed my account from computer administrator to limited account-cos I really don't trust myself that I won't log on and change their password back. Now I can only log on if I ask my sister to kindly type in the password.

So ofcourse, I will still be blogging, you probably won't notice a difference, but i'm hoping that my addiction will start to fade...

On an addiction-less note, my mum is back today from the Caribbean! She was due to be back on Tuesday but couldn't stand to be away from home any longer. (She was out there sorting things out after my Opa passing away)It's been a week of my little sister and I home alone. I truly did become Domestic Skyla. I did the washing up, the laundry, tidying, cooking etc, I think i'm going to be helping mum out a lot more now I know how much she does. =)

I won't be gobbling loads of choc this weekend, I want to watch my skin, but I hope you all have lovely Easters!


(the newly domesticated) Skyla x.


Kool Thing said...

Good luck with your restricted spying time... I know how it is to put time-wasting crap before work, but at least youyr addiction to fashion blogs are sort of educational!

Live Fabulously said...

i have a bad addiction to blogs and ebay, too. but the last few weeks have been insane for me so it's helped curb my obsession a bit. hopefully it'll last. haha

hannah said...

have a good easter! good luck on the addiction (which i think we share).