Saturday, March 8, 2008

Hello there.

Don't you find it weird when you go back and read your first few blogs posts? It makes me cringe. Well, atleast it shows progression... :)
I love looking at what other bloggers wear and reading their latest posts, but lately, with school being so stressful (close to exam time) and being generally fed up of not being able to live somewehere interesting, i'm finding myself spending a lot of time on here. Too much to be healthy. I need to cut down.

Last night i babysat for my mum's friend to earn some money. Don't you love babysitting? So easy, and well paid. The little boy i babysit is practically a genius. Then again, i do doubt that when he goes into hysterical laughter watching an animated hamster dance on Youtube.

Went to town today with my friend who I haven't seen/spoken to properly for a long time. Yeah, we go to the same school, but she's not around where I am so we don't see eachother much. It was really nice. I bought a cheese toastie (yummm), hid it under my coat and ate it in Costa's, where Hannah had Hot choc and a brownie and I bought an apple crumble slice. We spotted a friend of mine from school sitting at a table with a guy-an older man! ;) He was quite eccentric lookign and she's quite eccentric and they were clearly having an animated conversation. While we queueud for our food, I lipread her saying 'I want to go there!'. Funny, didn't know I could lipread. I know, I'm a very nosy person. Hehe. Then we walked past and he was talking about Russia. Didn't want to interrupt their, well, whatever it was. Later we bumped into her and she just said he was a 26 year old chartered accountant and family friend. Well, my mind does like to imagine. ;)

Ahhh i'm sooo excited about next weekend-shopping and eating out in London! It's really hard trying to stop looking at vintage clothes on ebay...i need to save my money.
I have seen some shoes though. Really, really nice shoes. I might have to give in.
I'll make sure I take some pictures and note down shops you must go to. Really hope i find some vintage places!

I'm really, really getting excited about starting my own online vintage shop after my exams are over. It's something I would really enjoy, I just hope it happens. Wait, i'll make it happen. Keep an eye open.

I haven't told anyone about my blog. Except for my little sister. She asked me what my outfit shots were for. I know I do them very rarely, but once my wardrobe is feeling more inspired, they'll become a regular thing. I quite like the fact that I can write about whatever i like on here, talk to people across the world, without people i know reading what I'm writing about.

Is your blog your secret pleasure too?


LML said...

my blog is a complete secret too ;)

hannah said...

it is my secret pleasure. i was reading an article on that said that blogging is scientifcally shown to make you happier. proof.

i love babysitting as well. i babysit in the nursery of my church for an hour every sunday and get 30 dollars. babysitting is quite the deal.