Thursday, April 10, 2008

Forgot to show you.

I got this vintage gem-from ebay uk-back in Feb and forgot to blog about it. I find that the US ebay vintage stores have the best vintage eye candy, but for cheaper (although long searching) i find the smaller ebay vintage stores from the UK etc the best.
This dress was from one of those unknown ebay UK vintage stores , mostly selling big dresses and night gowns, but it meant I could get this lovely dress for just £10, being the only bidder. Wonderful.

It's a scoop neck, black wiggle dress. The front is covered in sequins, the back is cotton and lycra.e.g.tiiiight.

As you can see the snow has dissolved/evaporated/melted and disappeared back up into the clouds to give snowman material for little kids elsewhere. The sun is shining, birds are chirping, Spring has officially made its 2008 debut.

P.S The other day I saw Step Up 2: The Streets with an old friend. Absolutely amazing film! I love Andie's husky voice, her attitude and moves. It may not be an intellectual film boosting your knowledge of literature and all sorts of things, but it's got the most amazing dancing. And i'm a sucker for dancing films.

and thank you for all your sweet comments they really make me smile. xxx.


emsie said...

it's a beautiful dress. you can find some great vintage finds on ebay uk.

heather said...

i just love the idea of a wiggle dress, however, my bottom does not

Carolina Lange said...

Beautiful dress! Love it!

Celise said...

I loved the first Step Up movie. I think that's when I became a little obsessed--for a moment--about Channing Tatum. I really liked this movie, too. Especially that dance-off routine in the rain. I'm a sucker for dance movies, too.

coming to via Girls are Bitchy's blog.

Just a girl said...

I think She's the Man began my obsessive fling with Channing Tatum. Step Up only reinforeced that.

Also, love the dress, and so jealous that you got it for 10 pounds. It's tempting me to go onto ebay, but firstly, the credit card thing may be a problem (I don't have one, and the parents are none too keen) and it could be an expensive addiction I don't need. I'm too much of a sucker for any bargain. I've also discovered that lunching with friends is leeching my no more friends is the way to cut expenses! =) Jokes.

Just a girl

Sally Jane said...

Cute! I love finding a god bargain on Ebay.

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

OH that is the perfect going out dress!!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

your right the us vintage ebay stores have amazing gems!

Romany said...

Ooh pretty dress! What brand, just out of curiosity? 100% supported by lovely photography. :)
I only just recently saw the first Step Up and I thought it was kinda bad (although the dancing, as always, was amazing) I'm having second thoughts about whether to actually see the 2nd one or not...?
p.s. I was always under the impression that you lived in Australia - I'm incorrect, no?

SKYLA said...

thank you! romany-when i first got it i checked for a label, but it must have been cut out. From my point of view SU2 is definitely worth seeing =)
Sadly i don't live in Australia-but i do have family in melbourne.

LML said...

great dress! haha yes spring has finally made its 2008 debut :D