Monday, April 21, 2008


I have a weird sense of pride when i talk about trainers. Back in the day when we were still 13 in year 8/9 and had an almost chavvy element to our dressing, alot of my(girl) friends wore trainers. Nikes, adidas, take your pick, they wore them. By that time though, I had grown out of the trainer stage by (excluding a pair of converse-style Replays which i ended up selling on ebay). I guess it's the myth in my mind that trainers=chavvy and just don't suit me anyway. But for the chavvy assumption, i'm definitely wrong.

But lately I've been looking at the classic white Keds Champions sneakers and thinking, could i? Would i? I've grown to almost love their simple style, how they can be made tough with a bit of leather and girlier with a floral dress. I'd love to wear them with (hopefully) tanned legs.

The thing is, going back to trainers is unfamiliar territory for me, and the trainer snob in me is screaming 'no!!!'. I'm looking for a delicate looking pair of canvas plimsoll style, so these fit the 'criteria'.

So what do you think? Do you recommend Keds?
The worry I have is that they'll just look mis-fitting on me, but what do you think?
Only honest answers! I love constructive criticism. ;)

Keds Champions. £25.

P.S I have the Monki skirt! photos next post.


trinawick said...

Hey :)
i got a pair of these about august last year and they are AMAZING!!
They are the shoes that go with absolutly everything....well most things XD. Also they are stoopidly comfortable and they suit everyone so dont worry that they wont!


hmm keds are definitly nice- go with practically everything. i got a pair a few years ago-- but they had a deisgn on them. my feet were really uncomfortable in them because i have rather wide feet, but they did look nice with shorts and skinnies

Just a girl said...

Keds are great shoes, classic, simple and chic, and they usually go with everything (I have a pair.) I think the trainers are a great look - not too overstyled or OTT - so I think you'll be able to "work them." =)


Secret Agent said...

I've never wore Keds, but Mischa Barton seems to do a good job of modeling for them. They're awesome, I think. They're simple white, clean shoes that can ultimately go with everything.
I have a thing for Converse...still. I know, it's such an old fad, blah blah. But, there's nothing more comfortable for me than to wear a clean crisp pair of white Converse. I have 5 pairs of Converse (only two are white), and I can get 10 more pairs of white ones and I'd still be happy with them. Besides, Club Monaco does such a great job dressing up their mannequins and ad campaigns with white Converse this season that it makes it even more exciting.
And to answer your question about the cologne I used. Yes, it was Acqua Di Gio. I wore it first and when I finished, my mom bought my dad a bottle. Now he wears it everyday and I'm sick of it.

hannah said...

keds are my favorite. so simple, comfy and classy. i have many many pairs, including the champions in navy and white. i highly recommend them, they really come in handy.

anna said...

I love keds! :D Last summer i wore my pair of Keds night and day! :)

Anonymous said...

I adore Keds.

I have the ones in Navy with a sort of pattern on the toe, and gold holey things.

Lovely things they areee! :D