Thursday, June 12, 2008

La Dolce Vita

Yesterday my mum booked a mediterranean cruise for the my family and my cousin, auntie and oma. I am so excited. I get a huge rush from seeing new places, breathing in the culture.

So I'd like to ask you for some advice; can you tell me of any shopping must-visits in the following places? Hidden away must-sees would be appreciated too. I'm looking for vintage shops, second hand shops, (real) designer goodies sold cheaper shops, and also normal clothes shops. I think you get the idea. So any tips would be appreciated! This blog is quite informative on finding treasure troves all over the world.

Palma, Majorca , Ajaccio, Corsica , Rome, Italy , Portofino, Italy , Nice, France , Mahon, Menorca

p.s. My camera broke a couple of days ago. It was set on self-timer and fell to the ground. Now the lens is stuck and it turns off after a few seconds, after coming up with 'lens error 12' and lens error 22'. I don't know if this is fix-able, but if it's not, can you recommend any cameras that won't cost a bomb? I've been looking at this Olympus and this Kodak.


MR style said...

oh take me with u in Italy !! grazie dudette !

Sharifa said...

you're so lucky.
have a gr8 time:)