Friday, August 17, 2007

Don´t They Just Remind You Of The Pink/Britney/Beyonce Pepsi Ad?

Also at the market today, while I waited for my Dad in the car, he found some very cheap white Gladiator sandals. However, they don´t fit me. So if interest is shown...I´ll put them on eBay and they will be up for auction.

Now I will do my eBay shpeel-

Gladiator sandals are at the height of fashion, worn during Gladiator events in the past, when two men or women would be put ,very cruelly, in an arena to fight one another till death, only to be cheered on by thousands of Roman morons. These gorgeous alternatives to classic sandals will see you stylishly through Summer and Autumn.

White, size 38. Label C,M. Adjustable straps.

They´ve only been taken out of box to take pictures and try on for10 seconds, haven´t been worn.

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