Monday, August 20, 2007

DSquared2 and Doutzen Kroes-The New Superhero Duo

You might call me biased because I'm Dutch, and so is Doutzen, (to be precise-Frisian) but I think she's one of those 'Queen Bee' topmodels. Worth $1.5 million, with a 6-figure modelling contract for Lóreal, Doutzen seems to be doing very well for a woman who was discovered when she sent her holiday pictures into a modelling agency.

The thing I like about her is she's wholesome. As much as I like the Irina Lazareanus of the fashion world, they look more gaunt than flaunt. Doutzen looks like the kind of girl who finishes the show with a smile on her face, jumps on her bike and cycles back to Amsterdam, stopping for chips on the way.And the Irina Lazareanus? They'll take a puff of their cigarette, stump it out with their spiked stiletto heel and stalk out of their dressing room with a nonplussed face after lining flick of heavy kohl under their eyes. Ofcourse she doesn't, and I'm stereotyping the Irina Lazareanus. But that's just my interpretation.
On with the show. The reason i love Dsquared2 is that they too are wholesome. You could cycle with Doutzen and cycle in Dsquared2. Just don't get those two mixed up! They create what women can wear. Their looks are often simple but very orginal. With a splash of colour here, and a fitted waist there, Mr And Mr Dsquared2 have got their designs down pat.

(above text-Doutzen for Dsquared2, the Design Duo behind the D, below text-Doutzen backstage)


Fabi said...

this post was fab! I totally imagine the "irina's" and the bike scene. hehe, you're creative. I can't really help you out with the whole layout changing, mine is pretty simple as well, you can start by maybe changing the colors and the header (you can do that in the layout section on the main dashboard). but that's all I know! good luck =)

dianabobar said...

well, you can also add pictures on the right or left of both sides of your blog, that would add a bit of personality:)