Monday, August 20, 2007

Will Trade Happy Karma-HELP NEEDED!

Hello, right now I feel a bit sheepy-my blog looks like anyone else's. Other than the posts, there really is nothing particularly special about the layout etc.
I have dreams of people's jaws dropping, heads turning when they see my blog... No, not really. I just want a colourful, stylish, unusual layout and while I know how to work a computer and make my own blog, I don't have a clue about the HTMLs and all that computer-genius gibberish.
So if anyone out there knows of any good websites which will help me spice things up a bit this end, or if any of you are kind enough to leave me a little note telling me some tips, I'm sure karma will work in your favour and that much-wanted item of clothing will soon be in your loving hands...


1 comment:

Tru said...

check out blogger beta for dummies by typing it into google. it might be a big help, it helped me put up a banner. it will only work though if you have blogger beta which I assume you do