Thursday, August 23, 2007

Zara, I love you-Another Forgasmous Moment...

Went shopping the other day in Den Haag. Was just before closing time so didn't get to go to alot of shops, but I still had fun. I´m addicted, completely addicted to waistcoats right now. I wear them ALL the time. in Bershka, I found a navy denim wasitcoat for 25 euros, which I really hope is there when I go back. Then i went onto Zara. And they had a sale!!! Except for I was left with just 15 or so euros after the market spree so I really had not that much money. But I found a t/shirt, and an amazing pair of black suede ankle boots for just 40 euros. But they weren´t on sale. I hope the fact that they were only 40 wasn´t wishful thinking. I´m hoping to get them, the t/shirt, and the waistcoat.
So anyway, seeing as i don´t live with my dad, he likes to spoil us that extra bit, and I thought maybe I could drop some hints. And it didn´t work. I might just have to spell it out. I soooo hope he buys them for me or atleast lends me the money so I can pay him back....

So, to come to my point...

I thought I´d look on the Zara website to see if I could find a picture of The Boots. I couldn´t. But instead, I found pictures from the TRF collection. As the models were younger and the clothes looked slightly more...youthful, I take it this collection is aimed at teenagers and young women. God only knows how much the clothes cost, but these photos were enough to almsot make me stop breathing.

I love the mix of materials in the first picture. Zara are highlighting the return of the denim jacket. Cut the sleeves off and cut it short, and you´re on the right track.

The 2nd picture is really Sienna Miller-when-she-had-lovely-long-hair-ish. The trilby, the boots and the dress are all cream/white so the outfit looks summery.

And god, the 3rd picture just speaks for itself. If there´s one thing I like about clothes, it´s cuteness. And the length and fit of the dress is definitely cute.

The 4th picture really reminds me of something you´d see someone wear at a cool hippy market in Ibiza. I don´t like the shape of it alot as it´s kind of like a bag, but I think the print is gorgeous and the mix of colours is really nice.

Btw, at first, to me Hippy Markets sounded really boring, revolving around corduroy flares and drugs. But, if you ever get the chance to go to Ibiza, DON´T miss out on going. The Markets are amazing. Loads of young people attend, so I think it must be quite a ´hip haunt´ as Elle would put it. There´s music, food, lots of clothes,jewellery and alot of rather dashing young men walking around. Haha! So much nicer than the kind of guys walkign around in England. The Es Cana market is very popular, but I preferred the Las Dalias one in San Carlos. they even have a night market! Something I loved about Ibiza was that they have the non-hispanic ´individuals´/hippies, and also the Latinos. you can really dress your own way and feel comfortable, not something that is easy in my town.

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Aisha said...

I loove the third outfit =)

dianabobar said...

all of them are really cute!