Friday, August 24, 2007

Why Is Everyone So Unstylish???

I get the feeling I'm probably not alone on this one. How many times have you bought and loved something, and then slowly had the horrible realisation that you wouldn't feel comfortable wearing it in public? I have. Only the other day I bought some gorgeous roman sandals, stylish and unusual. Then I felt myself think 'Will i ever wear this in town?'
The reason for this is simple. And I have noted it on a couple of blogs already-Fabi of
FashionFabi sounds like pretty much one of the only stylish people in Honduras, and Diana of So FASH'on felt stupid wearing something unusual (yellow rubber boots) to school.

So, I have decided to do a Style Study of towns.

Here's the first chapter. This one is what an average Chavvy Girl would wear in a small town in England.


I'd like to hear what your towns are full of as well, sometimes leaving you to be looked at as a freak if you follow real fashion.

*PLEASE NOTE-I say 'Individuals-People with style, but that means people who dress differently from the rest. Although I'm slagging off chavs, I'm not trying to slag off Emos. Although they do all look the same, like chavs do. And remember, style is in the eyes of the beholder.*

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Eleh said...

i bought a 3/4 high waisted denim skirt months ago but now I feel like bag of potato sacks in it. It's never been worn out!

In singapore, people are usually donned in summer attire. Some love their printed dresses, others love their jeans as bottoms with junkfood tees.

la petite fashionista said...

haha i love your blog.. so witty! The sketch of "chavvy girls" is hillarious. We pretty much call those kind of girls fake/plastic in the U.S. :D


lalaliu said...

haha, that drawing is delightful. I know how you feel! I live in the suburban area and rarely do I see people with great individual style. I always hesitate before I put together an outfit but then I think what they heck, I'm going to wear it.