Tuesday, August 28, 2007

In My Mind They Do

Stolen from Wikipedia-

"American Apparel, LLC is a clothing company
based out of
Los Angeles,
. It has over 155 stores in 11 countries. Its claim to fame
sweatshop-free clothing made
downtown Los
, where it pays its employees an average of US$13 per hour.
Employees also receive benefits such as paid time off,
lunches, bus
passes, free
classes, on-site
masseurs, free bicycles and on-site bike
mechanics, free parking, proper
lighting and ventilation,
and the most up-to-date

Wouldn't YOU like to work for a place like this? And to come to my point-I LOVE their socks.

This is how a conversation with a friend went-

Friend:Do you do football?

Me:No, but I like the outfits.

Friend: Oooh Right...The men's outfits!

Me: No, the Girls'!

Friend looks at me strangely.

Me:No, not like that! I really like the long socks, the short shorts with the football boots, and hair in bunches look. It's really cool.

Friend:Yeah, but no-one wears anything like that in football.

Me:In my mind they do!

Especially their Stripe thigh-high ones. They're always being used in photoshoots and they're really cool. They have that preppy, happy cheerleader thing about them, but I like it! $15.

I'm going to buy some above-the-knee dark socks to wear with a mini skirt. I think that would be a really cute look.

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lalaliu said...

hey skyla!! So about your t-shirt design, the link you gave me unfortunately didn't work :(

My designs are usually black and white if that's okay with you. If you would like you can email me at tiffany@lalaliu.com if it's easier to contact me.

P.S those socks are hot.
(i sound so paris-hilton esque.lol)