Sunday, September 2, 2007

Well, Here We Are

I'm back in England again. Since Thursday. Missing my family, so having my laptop back and writing posts is a good cheer-me-upper.

I have noticed that alot of fashionoggers (haha, do you like it? It's my new, but weird, name for fashionista bloggers!) show some of their outfits in their posts. This is a cool idea, I think. And although it means that you're putting yourself up for easy insults, oh what the hell, I'll shut up now.

Anyway, here are my latest buys.

Remember the Zara ankle boots I talked about in a previous post, and the Bershka waistcoat? I managed to get them-here they are!

Ok. We were shopping in a huge shop called De Bijenkorf (Beehive in Dutch)-has lots of designer clothes, make-up etc etc and about 5 floors! Doesn't seem like alot for you New York and London girls, but still it was a good shop compared to things in my small town. Anyway we went there after we had gone to this other shop, similar to De Bijenkorf, called V&D. I was looking through the scarves when I spotted this anchor scarf ^above^. I love all things Sailor, so I had to buy it! It was only 5 euros anyway. Bershka wasitcoat, Zara boots. Round-pointed black pumps for my last year of school! Escada Sunset Heat perfume-absolutely gorgeous, sums up all the smells of a perfect beach summer holiday. And look at this fuschia pink clutch I found yesterday (I was supposed to be shopping for art things to make my dragonfly for our natural forms project) it was only 3 pounds! And I got the skinny cobalt blue belt with it free (buy one get one free).

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