Saturday, September 29, 2007

A Story of a Dreary Saturday

Today the book I ordered off eBay arrived. Fashion Babylon by Imogen Edwards-Jones. It's an expose of the fashion industry, and has all the juicy facts and fictions told by Anonymous industry insiders. For me, on a dreary Saturday afternoon there could be nothing better to read. All the stories are woven into a (I think) fictional story about a designer. So far I've read about Kate Moss' pubes at her first show

" 'Dont' you remember that lovely story about Kate Moss and her first show in Paris for Vivienne Westwood?'

I nod. 'When they all stripped off in a row?'

'That's right. And they're all there naked, and the only one with a full bush is Kate. All the other models have pubes like landing strips of lines of velcro' "

I've also learnt that some designers actually hate Victoria Beckham wearing their clothes. And I know you're not meant to believe everything you read, but this is supposed to be a revealing story with many stories told by Anonymous, so I think I do believe alot of what's in here. Get a cheaper copy like I did from ebay or amazon.

I went shopping today with Rach, Natalie and Caro. Actually you can't really call it that. I kept my hands warm in the pockets of my new black trenchcoat most of the time and barely looked at the clothes because I am trying to save. What a boring sentence. But I really need a new mobile and having one that doesn't take calls and has sand trapped in the speakers isn't much fun. We went for Costa for a break and I treated myself then, buying a hot chocolate with whipped cream and a triple chocolate muffin. I love sitting inside a cafe with friends. It makes me feel tres sophisticated. I saw an assistant in Topshop wearing high-waisted shorts and I had to jealously turn the other way. Until I have bought my mobile, I can not buy any clothes. Even those high-waisted shorts and jeans I so badly want.

I saw the most stylish little girl in Topshop today. I tried to spot her parents to see if they were the people who she got her style from, but I couldn't do it without looking slightly weird. My friends and I had already been staring at the stylishness of the little girl and her sister for long enough. She was wearing a little yellow and green t-shirt, with black skinny jeans, leopard pumps and a black bolero that someone had taken off the stands in Topshop and propped on her head. I really wanted to take a picture but I would rather have you imagine what she looked like than be accused of paedophilia.

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