Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I Am Someone Who Complains When Christmas Decorations Go Up In October

So for me, this is a hypocrtical post. But I had a boring, cold day, and right now I'm selling stuff on eBay. So here's a wholllllllleeee long list of things I want and things I need. As I was explaining to my friend Rachel today, I have a theory that-Okay, this is another one of those Indexed inspired moments, like my confidence diagram.

Now I can continue with my story, I can't remember what the subject was-oh yes, it was those Topshop skinny jeans that I have to have. I was debating with Rachel that sometimes, when you want something so much, you can't stop thinking about it, you have to get it in order to stop obsessing over it. I've been there. I'm always there-I've always got some item of clothing I've sen that I have to have. Maybe my theory would be more understandable if I was talking about needing people when you're in love with them. I guess that would be more appropriate. Anyway, I understand Rach's point of view that just because you really, really want something doesn't mean you need it, I think there's a little bit of sense in mine too-don't you?

So back to my orginal story-pardon the mumbling. I am now going to resort back to old ways. Back in the day, when I was a pre-teen, i used to write lists of things I wanted for my birthday and Christmas, usually just after Summer. For some reason I got little thrills from writing out lists of things I want, and sadly i still do...But I suppose everyone has their freakish tendencies.

Se, here is my 'Christmas' list. no, scrap that-here's my list of Lust and Necessities.




white bra

(more bras)

mobile (Samsung E840)


High-waisted shorts (asos)

Topshop skinny jeans

red 'calf' boots (new word- not quite knee, not quite ankle boots) seen on sale for 15 pounds.

more, more, more tops (warmer for winter)

slouchy grey cardigan from Zara

more jewellery

Over the knee grey socks (Accessorize with ribbons or Asos)


That Extra Half-An-Inch by Victoria Beckham

Some DVDs I've seen and books I like, which I'll buy off eBay or Amazon to build up a little collection. Did you know that you can get books from Amazon for as little as 1p??

Bag. Navy Blue. Or Grey. Preferably expensive and good quality-Topshop?

GHD straighteners

That's all I can think of right now-and there's alot of things I need to do too-

Outstanding coursework-

Romeo and Juliet Essay, Henry V essay (sweet talk english teacher who will hopefully say they will let me do just one?)

Art coursework-dragonfly, final idea for Vessel, coffe cardboard relief

Get ears re-pierced! Do you recommend paying 22 pounds to go to Claire's where it's completely safe and healthy, or Deep Blue which is full of biker guys who are apparently 'fine' and where it's 3 pounds per ear?

Re-do room. Get drape, new cushions etc (Maybe make myself some?)

Learn how to use a sewing machine properly

Oh that is all now. I am tired from thinking and I bet you are tired from reading. Wherever you are-in Singapore, Paris, America, England, anywhere-

Good night x

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molly said...

you understand my brain!!!
im trapped in a circle of lust with the arctic monkeys!
but i didnt know what to call it