Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Revamp Babyyyyyy.

Yes-it's a revamp. Do you like it? Or should I go back to the original? Honesty is valued.

Sorry for the lack of posts lately...Here is the thong for my soon to be Sweet 16 (tomorrow!) friend. Yes, it's slutty, and yes, it's stupid. But that's 16 years old for you.

Today we had the Yearbook awards at school. After spending the first 10 mins looking at the sheet and laughing about the questions, I realised I had ten minutes left to fill them all in. Obviously I left all the hard ones till the end, and then I ran out of time. So there were no 'best looking boy', 'prettiest girl', best dressed girl' 'make-up queen' coming from me. I've been nominated atleast 4 times for 'most blonde moments' and once for most likely to be a millionaire. Apparently Laura thought that I would do something accidental like break something and then make a million from it. Although they didn't have some of last year's ones, like 'most likely to end up in prison', 'most likely to have plastic surgery', 'Barbie and Ken', and 'cutest couple', we did have some other ones like 'most like a gangsta', and 'most likely to become a pornstar'.

I've decided against the Clothes Show Live idea. Well, actually I've been forced not to go, because my mum won't let me. I can't wait till the days that you don't have someone telling you what to do. But instead, we're hoping to go to a Rihanna concert. Oh yeah, how good would that be?? Well, I can see many of you tutting and saying go appreciate some proper music but I like alot of different music. And I've actually never been to a concert before. I know it's a sin. We were planning on going to see Kanye West but he's too popular to be able to buy the tickets when you have the money. So Rihanna would be good.

And here is another cheap find...Timeless and chic-a black trenchcoat. It was only 15 pounds. Once again, from Primark. I was originally going to get a navy-blue one, but someone found my hiding place in the corner of the shop and the whole lot had sold out anyway.

Excuse the rubbed out face, but I looked a bit mooshed.

I'm also saving for a phone, and a ticket to the concert. So I'm selling stuff on ebay.

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