Tuesday, September 4, 2007

First Day Of Being Old

Today, I am officialy 'Old'. I am now in my last year of school, and therefore, one of 200 other oldest pupils.

It was interesting. For one friend, it was the return to school after having battled with anorexia at home for so many months. She was so nervous at being thrown back into school life, it kind of put some perspective on the kind of stuff I worry about.

On another front, I did my Science GCSE last year, ,and missed being given my results in August. I was on holiday. So ripping open my results letter, my eyes flew straight to the letter 'F'. But i didn't get an F. That F stood for my Sex-Female. After that I (less-presumptiously) scanned the page and found otu I actually got a B! For someone who hates Science and talked to the left of me (my friend, Hannah) for all of the year, I was really glad to see that the effort I did put in (at the end)got me something back.

So this really is my last year. After this, I am free to do as I like. I can be normal and go to College, or I could go travelling round the world in a caravan, I could become and acrobat in the circus or pursure the 'Hollywood Dream' of fame. I could even give up further education and just work in Mcdonald's for the rest of my (fashion-loving) life. But I think I'll just stick to the College idea for my next move. There's a black guy who works in my local Mcdonald's, and when he works, he looks so motivated, he wizzez from the chips to the burgers so quickly, while the other Mcployees amble along and sieve the chips. He definitely puts the fast into fast food. He looks like an interesting person to talk to., like he has a story to tell.

So in honour or 'something old', here's something I found under Vintage on eBay. 4.99 + 2.50 postage (at present)

Am I weird to love this? It seems like something Edie Sedgwick would wear.

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