Friday, September 7, 2007

Kate Moss Topshop A/W 07 Review

And today the collection arrived.

As much as I think Kate is a great supermodel, and at most times, really stunning, I think she should stop with the fashion designing as soon as possible. Items in her collection are either very unoriginal, or simply something plucked from her own wardrobe, slightly re-designed, mass produced and accompanied by a Kate Moss Topshop label in the collar. What is so special about it all? Her collection includes overpriced simple vests, skinny jeans, plenty of hotpants (most of these from last collection) and plain jumpers. Two of the only unique pieces in the collection were these-

School leaving shirt (above^) reduced from 35 to 15. Somehow. I like this because it reminds me of my Primary school leaving shirts...covered in signatures and messages and kisses. Ahhh, the memores. Not sure if this shirt was Kate's own leaving shirt, would be a really personal touch if it was.

And this Swallow scarf. One thing I do like about Kate's collection is that her logo on her 'designs' seems to be swallows. She chose the swallows because they reflected her Swallow tatoos. I like that idea. But I hate the idea of making you hand over 35 pounds for this little scarf.

So did the arrival of the collection have the same reception as the first? (Top picture)

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