Friday, September 7, 2007

This Leopard Changes Her Prints

I love Sienna Miller's new look. I know it's very 'done' but it really suits her and stands out. Reminds me of Gwen Stefani too. This sexier, curvier look is apparently her 'new look', at New York Fashion Week.

As much as I hate it when magazines, blogs etc scream 'Get Her Look' it's the only thing that's appropriate for this post. Hear me scream!

Get Her Look:

Tacky is as tacky does. I know a lot of fashionistas gasp in horror at fakes, I do too. But if you want to look the part and have a very similar bag to Sienna's, here's a Chanel Quilted fake Bag which might get you interested...$46.24

Thin Gold Chain 10 pounds, Asos. Ah. You know how much I love American Apparel, and I could easily make a whole blog for it. but you know I won't. 21 pounds, sheer rib scoop back red t-shirt. Looks like it would fit like a dream , but if you're needing to pinch your pennies, there are cheaper options out there.

I don't wear lipstick. Maybe I should try. But if I did, I know that I would wear all 16.50 pounds of this lipstick. Chanel Allure Lipstick, No. 14 Passion. And that's just what this lipstick is. To me this lipstick screams scandals;stolen smooches;sex on the kitchen floor; kisses left on wine-glasses. But actually it's just a Chanel.
Try Barry M for an affordable option.

And finally, for the (brand new)scarf. I feel edgy wearing one of these. I like it. I'm an eBay addict and this is going for 4.99. Don't hold your horses.

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WendyB said...

I love red and leopard. So Diana Vreeland.