Sunday, September 9, 2007

Just To Let Ya'll Know

Excuse the Texan twang in the title. I'm not really Texan, I just remembered trying on high-waisted skinny jeans to get an idea of what h-w shorts would look like on me, and my friend said that I looked like a country girl in the jeans. But she did think shorts would look cool.
Well, i have another blog. Don't worry I'm not going ot become one of those people who makes a blog for EVERYTHING they can think of. I just felt kind of inspired by the box of receipts I have which date years back.

It's called A Life in Receipts. I'd say that's self-explanatory.

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lalaliu said...

hey skyla! Don't worry about the shirt. I checked out your side blog and boy can I relate. My undie wallet is filled with receipts and I just went thrifting again. I also just learned that my younger sister has more money than me now. It must be all that shopping I do. *sigh* I have to overcome this addiction. lol