Sunday, September 16, 2007

It Seems To Be Something Of A Trend...

UK Glamour.

Look magazine.
Dutch Glamour.
One of 300 pages dedicated to fashion, ELLE Collections. Gucci
Gucci again.
Marc Jacobs.

See what I mean? Everyone who's got their crystal-clad ring finger on the throbbing fashion pulse is making some sort of bow to College Cool.

It looks like it's time to pull out those old striped ties (my current school tie is mustard yellow, my previous one was green and blue striped), kilts (I prefer the mini versions), blazers, blouses, cardigans and knee-length socks. Anything green with checks is good. And lots of tweed.
Kilt-intended for men, passed onto me a few years ago for some strange reason. Mini-kilt. Mine! Topshop sale, a while ago. Green striped tie-mine, years 7-10. Yellow tie-year 11.This year-last year!
I've been waiting for the Gossip Girl books to translate on to screen for SO long. Last time I checked up about it, Peyton from One Tree hill was supposed to be Serena. Now it seems Blake Lively got the part, which i think is a good choice. I don't know if you Americans are loving or hating the show, it's already being shown on your side of the pond, but I think I'm going to loooove it. Here are some stills of the show, fitting perfectly into the College Cool theme...

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