Saturday, September 15, 2007

Peaches, Drunkeness, and Milkmaid Dresses

I love being a busy bee. I like going to back to school and answering 'well, on Saturday I did this, then this, and then that' instead of saying 'I had a lazy weekend' like some kind of loner.

This weekend has been good so far.

Friday-went to town after school with my friend Caroline. It was frustrating as I really have no money at the moment. My job is call-me-when-they-need-me so that leaves me a bit lost sometimes. I fell in love with some skinny dark blue Topshop jeans, bought Look magazine and caught my red and yellow, double decker, number 12 home. Chloe spontaneously invited me round to sleep over and go out. So we went out to the park that evening and met up with people, got stopped by the Police for alcohol checks (I didn't drink. I'm weird like that- sometimes I like alcohol, sometimes not) and laughed at my very drunk friend, whose vodka we had to hide from the police behind a wall. She was annoyed she never got it back.
Oh, and we also spent most of the evening trailing around the streets on a Wild Goose Chase to get my bag and brown jumper back, as I gave them to someone to look after while I rode someone else's bike.

Had work the next day, then met Natalie in town. She wanted me to be her personal stylist, because she thinks 'everything looks horrendous' on her. We found her a cobalt blue racer back vest, to wear with a black denim waistcoat and a very thin (not tacky) gold chain with a locket on the end. I liked being her stylist. I found a coral short-sleeved jumper and navy trenchoat in primark which I hid in the corner of the shop behind unwanted clothes, so I could get them when I had money. we repeatedly bumped into the same people-Tom, Dan and Alice. Alice was elated because she had got the part she wanted in the school play. So she was celebrating by buying a hat. She's a hat person.

We went to Bay and I picked out some clothes for N. We tried on these cute but silly milkmaid dresses in there for fun too. I love red and white checks!

Me. Natalie had had enough!

Again, I caught the bus home. And look who I met when I arrived!

Peaches. My little sister's hamster. As of yesterday! you can't tell in the pictures, but she's a light, peachy colour with little grey ears. My sister shares my love of Audrey Hepburn. See the Breakfast at Tiffany's card on the left and the Audrey book above?

Spoke to Chloe on msn, Saturday eve and went on bebo. It must have been my lucky day becasue chloe asked me for advice too, so I put together a very short, PS advice list for A/W. I was tired, so I didn't do alot. Then I watched one of my new TV favourites-Heroes and went to the world of dreams.

And today? Well, I'm blogging. Soon to be studying. Oh, and I'm applying for a savings account online. And guess what? I'm going to put 'Lady' in the title on the card, instead of Miss. Hehe.

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Eleh said...

that dress looks really good on you!