Thursday, September 13, 2007

I Know It's A Little Ironic, I Mentioned Chanel Quilted Bag in the Title of My Previous Post

I've never been a purple-person. I don't think I even have a purple item of clothing in my wardrobe. Except for underwear. But this colour is just so mind-blowing. Oh god I want it.

According to Cosmopolitan, you can find a lot of cash under beds, behind sofas, underneath cushions. Maybe if I look hard enough I'll find 1,300 pounds. Chanel.

You probably recognise the Forgasm! word featured in the logo from my previous posts. I came up with the word in a dream of orgasmic thoughts about clothes. So, like Glamour has Glamour Gold, and Elle has Elle loves, Let's Cut to The Chase now has Forgasm! to show what i think is worthy of true forgasm! status.


Who's That Fashionista? said...

Great blog!

miss *ann said...

i loove love looove the color.. aw.

dianabobar said...

that bag is amazing!!! i'll start looking under the couch too:)