Thursday, September 13, 2007

Mary-Kate and Ashley=A-List Phoenixes. You Think They're Over and Then They Burst Back Out Of The Flames. Followed By Their Chanel Quilted Bags.

I used to be in love with these girls. I idolised them-I wanted to be them. I emulated them, I was jealous of them and their green eyes and Californian blonde hair. They had everything. or seemed to. I remember many trips to Asda, running to their clothing range 'mary-kate and ashley' and make-up range. Me and my similarly-obsessed friend, Amber bought these little gold glitter crayons for the body once. I remember covering myself in the brown glitter, blissfully happy that I had something with their totally-american names on it. This was before the eating disorder, the cocaine scandal, the 'vintage' dressing and the sudden, simultaneous dyeing of their hair.
Since my 11-year old self's obsession ended, I've really not been that crazy about the twins. I found Mary-kate's dress sense similar to that of a hippy sleeping on the streets and finding her clothes in bins. Ashley was always better-dressed but just not really in my taste. But now I'd say, I'm beginning to like their outfits more. I'd say that Ashley is my favourite of the two, and because I used to analyse every detail of them, I can tell them apart,-even now-if magazines name them wrong. That little skill would look amazing on my CV.
Now they have released a new clothing range-The Row. Here's a video of their holiday collection. I love the idea of the model going through the day, pulling different items of clothing on and off, her outfit eveloving. I loved the starting outfit-the little black dress and wide waist belt. The leather trousers following were great too. A lot of the stuff is very wearable, and very MKA, just a bit more toned down.
So, here is a little gallery of the outfits they've worn, that I like best.

Street chic.
They may have passed through the matching twins phase, but they still like to reminisce. Both in fur.

Ashley. Effortlessly cool in a man's shirt at NY Fashion Week.
I love Ashley's mix of romantic pink and rock-chick leather.
Mary-kate. I've been looking for a checked shirt like this.
Go Fug Yourself hated it.

Looking chic instead of the usual edgy.


Who's That Fashionista? said...

Love these girls!!!

WendyB said...

I love their style. They really stand out from the rest of the pack.