Monday, October 15, 2007

Ooh...My...Absolutely Delectable!

Sorry I've been a post-lacker person lately. In my last post, mainly about the fact that I'm going to see the Spice Girls, I got a few comments saying things like 'you should blog about it!'.

I will definitely be doing that! And hopefully, if there isn't some stupid rule of no-photos/videos, I will take a lot of pictures and make videos, so those of you who won't be able to make it will atleast see it in one way!

I have been thinking about my upcoming concerts every day. And I cannot stop thinking about what i'm going to wear...I have some plans and ideas...but I will keep them as a surprise.

Let's get back to fashion.

Well we'll do that in a minute. i still have some more to say. :)

First of all, I've decided to do a Dutch GCSE. Before I moved here (England), I used to live in Holland. I'm mostly Dutch you see! So I used to be fluent, but it's one of those new country, can speak English too, don't speak to any Dutch people regularly other than fluency in Dutch kind of went down the drain along with my parent's marriage. But when i go over in holidays, it comes back, and it feels like a big part of me, so it's something I want to keep going. My mum is going to start giving me Dutch lessons to help trigger my memory.

I have also fallen in love with the new red apple iPod. I wanted a red one but confessing to being a materialistic, consuming idiot, I really want the 3rd generation one now. That's what technology does to you. It gets everyone in the end!

I've spent weeks and weeks and weeks making a dragonfly for my Natural Forms Art Coursework Summer Holiday Project. And finally I've finished sowing the wings. Pictures soon.

I cannot wait for this saturday. A) It's half term for me! B) it's the date of Fashion Rocks for the Princes Trust. EXACTLY what you guess. Artists and designers collaborting for amazing entertainment and show-stopping. I can guarantee that this Saturday at w/e time it's on, I will be perched on my sofa infront of the TV drooling over the show.

Last night, Alfie was on TV. The remake of the 1966 classic? I've not really into blonde guys but Law in Alfie is absolutely delectable!

And I love Sienna Miller's hairstyle in the films. It's one of my favourites on her. I call it the Modern Sixties Bardot. Brigitte Bardot continues to be one of those old-school icons for me. If I could choose someone from the past to look like, she'd definitely be one of the top.

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