Sunday, October 7, 2007


Whatever you want to call it!

The reason is that I'm going to see the Spice Girls! I found out the other day, but I haven't been blogging for awhile so it took me awhile to blog it on here.
Chloie and I had to do a lot of searching through pages and pages of dates, putting in our ticket codes, checking the amount of tickets available. Orginally four of us were going, then the other 2 dropped out because it was too expensive, so me and Chloie were the only ones left going and in the end, the only tickets we could find were the ones with a price that my friends were willing to pay but they didn't have 5 available, just 3. When I found out I was going, I ran through my house screaming, ran into the garden and ran up and down shouting "I'm going to see the Spice Girls! I'm GOING TO SEE THE SPICE GIRLS!"
One of my (probably earliest) memories is buying my first album which was the Spice Girls album. I remember walking into the Music shop, in Holland, down the road from my Oma's flat, and walking out of the shop with my Dad, with my just bought album in a plastic bag. I can't remember if I was completely entranced by them when I was that little, but I know i liked their music alot, and when I dug out the CD a few years ago, it turned out I knew the words to their songs. =D

Does anyone remember Aqua-Barbie Girl? That was my first single, and I remember ripping off the wrapping paper of one of my Xmas presents in Holland and finding that single underneath. I like to have these memories.

Anyway-the majority of people I have told have given me a look that says 'how stupid' but I don't really care! I'll be seeing them on Tuesday 8th Jan, 3 days after my 16th birthday so it will be an amazing experience. I'm going with my friend, Chloie and her mum.

Oh, and remember I talked about wanting to go to the Rihanna concert? Well, me and Hannah got tickets! So we'll be going on Monday 17th Dec, the last week of term for 2007.

It hasn't come without consequences though, the tickets have set me back 90 pounds plus tranport there and back. And I'm supposed to be buying myself a mobile. And my wardrobe feels empty of any new pruchases. But I really think it will be worth it.
I think this shows you that if you really want something, there is a chance you can get it. ♥
I also have an unused Spice Girls ticket code. This means that instead of paying hunders of pounds on eBay for Spice Girls tickets, you can pay just 55 or 75 pounds. If you're interested in getting this code, leave a comment.


Dilemma said...

You're actually GOING?!

You have no idea how jealous I am of you right now!
I never won rights to go to the New York date. :[

molly said...

hahaha awesome i won the code but i didnt end up buying the tickets, i gave the code to my friend

youll have to blog all about it!

Fabi said...

whaaaa?!! ok, you have ALL the right to be super excited!! I'm also not embrassed to admit I was all about the spice girls back in elementary school! heehee. you should blog about it! sounds soo exciting! and then rihanna? And then the whole planning what to wear thing? I'm jealous, too!

have fun =)