Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I Promised! Rihannna Concert Yesterday

Rocky gladiator outfit, started show in this.


Yesterday, Monday 17th December was the day of Rihanna's concert. I was sooooooooo excited!!!

We arrived, queued for ages to get into the cloakroom. It took a long time for Ciara, the support act to come on and she was on a bit too long. I couldn't hugely enjoy her songs because I don't find them that amazign and I didn't really know the words. But Goodies and 1, 2 Step were really good. It was good to see her anyway.

Then after an hour of Ciara, Rihanna still didn't come on. And they played us music for 30 mins. Then finally, she came on and was AMAZING!

Me and Hannah were planning on dodging our way up to the front, but it was harder than we thought and we ended up feeling guilty. Still we had a really good view very close to the stage, and i took a lot of videos and photos.


If you're going to see Rihanna, I know you'll have a great time. Just learn the words to her songs so you can sing along completely! I knew most of the words, but Hannah hadn't heard alot of her album. Then with Ciara, I knew just a few lines and she knew most words. It makes a difference when you can sing along!

She had a few different outfits. I loved the rocky element to her show. I think the best songs were SOS, Pon de Replay (even though I used to hate it), Shut up and Drive, Push Up On Me, and definitely, Please Don't Stop The Music. I was just raving away while some people stood there with their girlfriends just shaking their arms. lOl. As well as her whole album, she also sang hate That I Love You, Break It Off and a Bob Marley song because he's one of her favourite artists. I'm going to see the Spice Girls in January, so I'll be posting a lot of pictures =)
Xmas posts coming soon...

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