Saturday, January 12, 2008

New Year. New Look. New Addictions.

I realise my neglection of my blog.

So Xmas is well and truly over, New Year has been and gone, and so has my 16th birthday.
And with new Year comes new beginnings and new things and blah blah.

So here are my New Years' resolutions (forever immortalised on Blogger so i can't run away from them)
-get another job (Topshop, Accessorize, La Senza)
-achieve my best possible grades for my GCSEs
-manage studying, revision, socialising and a job in perfectly
-become PUNCTUAL!
-keep on expanding my wardrobe =D
-to write more on here, hopefully causing for
- this blog to get more hits
-get a boyfriend
Huh, they don't look that hard. Except the last one, and you should see the guys round here.
I have to share with you a few of my birthday presents which I love, love, love.

A Shoe Calendar- a shoe for every day of the year. By accident I picked up Monday's but usually I don't look at them until the day. =)

50s Fashion Vintage Fashion and Beauty Ads. I cannot take my eyes of this book. Inside are tons of colour., black and white, vintage ads. Sorry these aren't the best.

My new phone! The red is so gorgeous in real life.
This is a beautifully intricate charm key from Pilgrim. I love little keys like this and am going to hang it around my neck on a simple necklace chain. Pilgrim is engraved onto it.
The Devil Wears Prada and The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood DVDs. Both amazing films. You have to read The Divine Secrets... it's an amazing book.
I also have a List of Fashion which I am craving...

1.Red T-bar mid heels

2.H&M black sequin shorts (braces to wear with)

3.Tea dress (check out asos!!)

4.high waisted shorts , tweed

5.leather boots flat or heeled lipstick (pref. Chanel)

Last season existed these gorgeous high-waist, black sequin Chanel shorts. I know sequin hotpants are very S/S 07, but there are still people wearing them and I love them anyway. I was flicking through an old Dutch Glamour from Summer 07 and I spotted them. Then i spotted the price. £300. or something similar.

Vogue Chanel '07

So in that second it went from next buy, to bye-bye. I won't do the pun thing again. The other day I was reading Look and Ruby Stewart was in a stunning photoshoot wearing oh my gollly goshness-black sequin shorts! And these H&M versions are only £20.

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Sophs said...

those H&M shorts are my dream come true - I thought the exact same thing when I saw them advertised!!!!
have you bought them in store/seen them in stock yet? I'm in desperate need of them!!!!!