Saturday, January 12, 2008

Now for the New Addictions.

I seem to get really excited about classis vintage stuff. I would love to go back to the time of Brigitte Bardot and the Hollywood Screen Sirens and Pin Ups. But until I find a Time Machine, I will just have to be an amateur.

In my previous post I showed my 50s Fashion book of Vintage ads. I came across a label-Jantzen, heard of it? The bathing suits were so fitted and fifties I made a mental note to check the internet later for unworn copies. But I found better. Turns out Jantzen is still running, but it hasn't just ticked along to become yet another swimwear label, it's stuck to its retro roots. Here's the evidence. I can't wait till Summer, because I will definitely be spending all my waitressing wages on one of these.

By coincidence, I've also found Babygirl Boutique. Not to keen on the name but I love the clothes. It's full of vintage, retro style, pin up lingerie, marilyn inspired swimwear. It's endlessly good. I know what my end of year party will be-Fifties Pin Up style. Here was my inspiration.

I am in love with these shoes. $ 69. Look at the Dita Von Teese style vintage lingerie.

This leopard print dress looks very Cavalli inspired (in a good way) $84.
So I hope you have all had good Xmases and Happy New Years...I went to see St Trinians yesterday evening, there was going to be a big group of me and my girlfriends going but in the end it was just two of us, and the other 2 went to see I Am Legend with the boys. St T's is a remake of the three previous films, so I think i might do some ebay bidding for a copy of the vintage ones.
Let's end this vintage-style with some fifties lingo...
Fifties : Are you writing a book? = You're asking too many questions

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