Saturday, January 12, 2008

For the Gossip Girl Addicts. Rehab Is Tres Far.

To all you Gossip Girls out there, like me, who don't live in America. Download Veoh or visit this blog to see each episode the day after airing.

I am loving Serena's style-Blake Lively is gorgeous and I want her hair. I typed in Serena van der Woodsen into Google and up came a How to be like Serena, it's quite amusing. There's even a how to be like Blaire Waldorf. I love the Gossip Girls style-particularly Serena.

But to kill all jealous you might have about Serena's beatuiful hair, think twice about if her GG hair is natural (not extentions galore), watch the first episode, other than being straight it does look thinner. Now that was a very airhead sentence.

Let's end this post with world peace.
p.s Apparently Blake (Serena) and Penn (Dan) are allegedly dating in real life...Penn was in John Tucker Must Die (the 'uglier' Tucker brother)...what do you think of the new Let's Cut to the Chase banner? I thought a new one might be good-New Year, new banner.

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