Sunday, January 13, 2008

Science or Fashion.

I have a Biology exam on Tuesday. With fashion, I can remember the difference between a scoop neck and a v-neck, a T-bar or a peep-toe instantly, but when it comes to science and enzymes and amylase- i'm stuck.

It must be because I want to remember fashion, but Science stays for the duration of the exam and then floats away the minute it ends...Maybe all that last minute revised knowledge floated off to help someone else somewhere.

I forgot to add these NY's resolutions fashion wise:

-keep evolving my style

-wear heels regularly, not just for parties

-get more heels, bags, well just clothes generally

-get some vintage stuff

-go to London very, very soon and go sh-sh-shopping.

When my style feels refreshed I will restart posting pictures of my outfits on here, that seems to be something that makes a blog more interesting and its a way that i can keep track of what i wore too =)

A few years ago my dad was talking to me about stocks and shares, encouraging me to get into it as lots of teenagers put a bit of money in and lose some/win some. My dad's done this in the past, and I know he won, I also know he lost, a few thousand to Coca-Cola. But I'm not going to be investing thousands; I think i'll just start with twenties...But I will let you know how this goes

My prom is coming up soon. Actually, it's in May, but you know what I mean. I thought I'd document the many dresses and shoes that I'm going to try, so you can see them and the final choice on here! However Im going to need money to buy a dress and shoes, and ofcourse a clutch, and my mum thinks it's ridiculous that prom dresses cost hundreds of pounds. Ridiculous but true. So I will be paying for the majority of my dress myself. I do have some ideas...

Here is my Prom Dress Criteria-

-something I can wear again

-affordable so I can splash out on other end of school celebration treats

-maybe try the more affordable designer labels, Miu MIu of Prada, D&G of Dolce and Gabbanna etc

-don't try Prom dress shops. They will slap on the price.

-try Vintage!

This Prom dress thing is starting to feel like a wedding dress situation.


hannah said...

i would much rather remember things that have to do with fashion then science as well. im failing physics...but i just dont care. haha.

love those resolutions.


Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

Good luck with your exam and show us your prom dress!!