Monday, January 14, 2008

Deep as the Night, Shiny as the Stars

First of all I would like to apologise for a mistake.
In a recent post I referred to sequin shorts as 'very S/S '07' my 3-day ago me couldn't be anything further from right. It doesn't really make any difference to me- I still wanted the shorts. But to some it might matter. And also for some reason i liked proving myself wrong.

The most recent copy of Glamour (UK) shows Reese in a black sequin top/dress.

This photo entwines perfectly with both things I want to talk about. Sequins 'in' status this season, and the new fragrance from DKNY.
Yesterday I bought Glamour (above), flicking through the pages and making mental scribbles which things looked good to read, when I came to a thick, purple page. The DKNY logo seduced me and then I was gasping...a new perfume from DKNY!!!!! DKNY Be Delicious Night. Adore is the word I regard my DKNY Be Delicious 50ml bottle with (take note, anyone interested in presents?) so this could definitely be classed as excitement. Jessica Stam's pretty face is splashed across the ads, and she is wearing lo and behold-a black sequin dress. And if Donna Karan doesn't know what's 'hot fashion' then, you know the rest.

Can I just point out that it seems to be a trend to bring out the 'Night' versions of perfume. Hmm. 'Night' is clearly a hornier, more seducing version.

Ghost Deep Night
Emporio Armani Night
Obsession Night Calvin Klein
Intimately Night DVB
DKNY Be Delicious Night

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hannah said...

i love the black sequins. ann taylor and banana republic both have black sequin skirts, i would get one if they were a bit shorter. but i love both of these, and i love the chanel shorts. amazing.