Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Love the Little Things

Lately I've been feeling really sick of everything. My daily routine, people at school, school, school work, how to earn more money to pay for everything i want to buy. The list is endless. That is why I keep telling myself-just 4 months! Then I leave, have 3 months holiday and go to college.

But when I go on holiday, it's how i felt during the last few days that stays with me. If i had a great time at first, and then the last 2 days were terrible, because they were most recent, they would be the ones I'd remember. This is how I feel about school; it's okay for me to drag my feet until the very last day, enjoy the Prom and then finish my exams, but that's not what I want. I want to enjoy it too. My mum always says 'Don't wish time away'. I think this is so true-time is one thing we can't get back. So, in future, I will return to this post to remind myself when I feel like this that I should enojoy the moments I have left at school.
When I worry about stupid day to day things like this, i remember what always gets said-there are people out there starving, or worse off than you. And this is very true, but having said this, everyone needs a moment to be able to be upset or angry about something that hurts them. If we just stick to the 'others are worse off' then we will never allow ourselves to express ourselves.

Yesterday a teacher called me arrogant because I kept talking while he was, and hadn't yet improved my Citizenship coursework which he gave me a D for. He told me I had potential and that I wasn't trying. I am not a person who gets Ds usually-my other piece got an A. He really fired me up because I hate arrogance in people-it's so unattractive. And if I do come across as arrogant then that's something I will definitely try to change.

So last night, I tapped away on my laptop till I went to bed, researching the topic of my article and improving it. I had to prove him wrong. Todai I gave it in to him, and he looked happy about that. At the end of the day he called me back to tell me my grade had gone from a D to an A. That made me happy.

I finished my Art exam today and finished on time, now I just need to focus on finishing all overdue coursework. But I'm going to make a vow to myself- I will keep up with work, get the best GCSEs I can, but enjoy the last few months of school I have left.

I am so desperate to get into this particular College, I know I would love it there. Thing is I haven't applied to anywhere else-I don't want to have to think about going anywhere else, so if I don't get in, I have a problem.
Last night I was so happy-I found out that in my next holiday (February) my sister and I will be flying over to Holland to see my dad, his girlfriend, my sister, and my Oma. (Dutch for Grandma). I need to start practising my Dutch. My moments with them are so few, I savour every moment I have. It's funny how the things we are used to the most we appreciate the least. I know when I last went to Holland I realised how much I appreciated my mum, but you wouldnt think so when you so how often we argue!
The Little Things I loved today:

-the veggie sausage roll I ate while watching Hollyoaks on the couch

-finishing my art exam piece right on time

-proving my teacher wrong and getting an A

Enough about me, let's do it in the name of this, cut to the chase and get to the fashion!
I need to go and have a Dutch recap lesson with my mama to help bring it back, but just quickly so this post is not completely lacking in fashion...
To be honest, I was really happy to see that Safari is back- meaning the shops would be bringing out a lot of nice stuff. But less so to see that 'hippy' is back. As much as it was stylish at the time, (I remember the white boho skirt I bought from my favourite teen shop at the time 915)
Is this going to be another Sienna Miller Boho revolution?

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hannah said...

i like some hippie stuff. like a headband here and some fringe there. but i dont want siennas '05 look to come back.

the hippie look was the look for the guys in my school last semester. wierd huh?

peace (haha. i totally sound like a hippie everytime i write a post! haha)