Thursday, January 17, 2008

Aujourdhui Etait Bien!

J'adore parle en francais.

I was given a late bday present from my friend, got the Lily Allen album, red nail varnish and a Costa voucher. I love Lily Allen and even though I've been telling everyone NO CDs! I download! It was cool to get it. I've been thinking lately how much my nails are craving deep red varnish...I mentioned it last week apparently so she decided to get it for me. And Costa, oh Costa! I love it, it's the 'hip hangout' for me et mes amis. The interior is really cosy and lounge like, but I don't think they like me very much seeing as the last time we went in there (on my bday) about 8 of us ordered at once, costing about £32 all together and making a tres long queue. Well, we keep the business going. =)

So today I needed a good old shopping spree, I haven't been in weeks!!!! My good friend, C, and I, shopped, I spent just £20 and got a top from Topshop, bracelet, belt, jewellery and over-the-knee- socks from Accessorize. We ended our session with a double chocolate layer cake in Costa's with my voucher. Just bliss.

Will show you all buys next post! Promise.

And you know lats post I was worrying about all sorts of things...including money. Well, my dad told me today he transferred some Xmas/Bday money into my account...i can't wait to spend it!!

Tomorrow is Friday. WOOP.
= Girly sleepover with friends.
Post my outfit over the weekend...


The Little Things in Life said...

I love Lily Allen, the album is so good. I’ve just updated my blog, changed the format, updated my links etc. I’ve added a link to your blog too. I’ve got some new posts coming in the next few days too so take a look!

Cee-Cee said...

i adore her!!

The Little Things in Life said...

Thanks for the link! x