Sunday, January 20, 2008

A (Not-So-Quick) Quick Update

Has anyone ever tasted the delight of Linda Mccartney vegetarian Sausage rolls? mmmmmm...They've become my daily healthy pleasure. I'm eating one right now, with butter melted over the top.

Followed by After Eight and toffee ice cream?

I believe I have some recent buys to show you...I find Accessorize a little too pricey generally, but when their sales come-it's heaven. I spent about half and hour in there last week with my friend going through all the jewellery, belts etc. I spotted these. A silvery hoop bracelet and a bronze chain necklace entwined with a turqouise beaded necklace and a very thin chain. They came to about £3 for both of them, orginally being about 6ish each!

Had my friends round on Friday for a belated birthday sleepover, one of them gave me The Sweetest Thing for my brithday, which I've seen before but love. It's a bit of a silly film but it satisfies my girly and sexual mind. Ok, I made that sound very twisted. Basically it's about a film about three girlfriends (one is Cameron Diaz) who are all in turn unlucky in love, they have a lot of fun together, do girly things and sing The Penis Song. Ha!

Anyway I'm sidetracking. I also got over-the-knee black socks, I bought them for a cute look, come summer with high-waisted shorts/a skirt etc. £1.50! Also accessorize.

Then my friend spotted this red belt. I'm not usually into circular thingmybobs-whatever the belt holder part is called. I find them a bit seventies. But I'm trying to b r o a d e n my style, so why not? This picture really doesn't do the colour of it justice.

And finally, I got this top from Topshop. I tried a load of things on in the changing rooms, none of them were right. I was just leaving when I spotted this silvery metallic vest top. It was an 8 and reduced to £10. I only spent £20 on all of this!

Today I'm staying in, like I've had to alot recently doing endless coursework. I'm wearing

a green chiffon style top (Topshop) (the green is so much prettier in real life!)
skinny jeans
my new Accessorize bracelet
a leopard print scarf round my waist
and my beloved Topshop boots
-vamped up with a splash of red nail varnish ;)

My mum found this book for me the other day in Oxfam bookshop. It's in amazing condition and she got it for just £1! Seeing as I've just seen the Spice Girls it's really cool to have this book all about them, their childhoods and backgrounds and climb to international fame.

Thought you might like this part of Victoria's pages...

Now I really must go and revise for my Phyics exam tomorrow...
Till next time, next buy, next crave, next obsession, next love ♥

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hannah said...

that ice cream looks yummy. great accessories.