Saturday, January 26, 2008


This has really got me going. I've heard about Steve Madden shoes, so took a look at the website. Maybe I'm the last person on earth to discover this, but it turns out you can select a style of shoe and design one to your one wishes exactly how you want! And not too steal-your-money-while-you-watch expensive either. (around $100/£50)You can customise everything from Ugg style boots to flat pumps to peep-toe heels.

I thought this might be a good idea for my Prom shoes...

Here are some I've designed so far. Obviously most of them won't be prom suitable.

I love the top left pair. They remind me of Gwen Stefani.

Although I love in a town, unglamorous, and the 99% of the people you see walking down the street will be wearing uninspiring outfits, I've decided this is no reason that I should slack and do the same. I really want to keep evolving my style, so that it becomes very unique, fashionable, but not fashion clone-ish, vintage, style that you don't see other people wear.

I have also decided I want to start wearing heels on a regular basis.


la petite fashionista said...

i feel your pain! right now im in college and 99% of the girls are wearing uggs & victoria secret's pink sweatpants.. i just can't let my winter style slip up! im also a habitual heel wearer.. it's a must- do for someone 5 ft like me:)


hannah said...

i have purchased a few pairs of shoes from steve madden, but i never knew you could customise them! that is wonderful.


vali said...

hy skyla

thank you very much for your lovely comment!
love your blog


Just a girl said...

Wow! That is SO cool. I love the ones bottom left. I recently bought a pair of shoes from Myer in Sydney - the brand is Hispanitas - and they are not only gorgeous, and quite high, but so unbelievably comfortable! I think it's because they're made out of leather. Wore them to a party Saturday night, stood and danced in them from 6pm til 4am and nary a blister or pain! I've have problems in lower heels.

All the best with creating and choosing a pair!
Just a girl

Wendy said...

I love Steve Madden because the shoes are affordable and they usually look like more expensive designer models. The bottom right pair is really cute.