Saturday, January 26, 2008

I Have A DDD*

I have a slight problem.
Just as my art teacher and I are getting on, I (accidentally) broke the 2 dragonflies she lent me to create my own dragonfly for this natural forms project last year. She reminded me about it the other day, so I delved through the huge mound of Art bits I have collecting in a dump at the corner of my room ( note to self-clean it up!).
I found them just with their heads and upper bodies and bits of their wings snapped off. So my friends and I spent Science that day sticking together parts of a dead dragonflies' anatomy. It wasn't completely off task-it was Biology.
My teacher is the kind of person who would either find that hugely hilarious or go completely coo-coo. Well she didn't go either, but she was annoyed. Now I have to replace to dead dragonflies. I thought it might be easy so I looked on such luck.

Help please??

*Dead Dragonfly Disaster

1 comment:

Isa said...

sorry, I have no solution either, I´d just try ebay over and over again but I laughed my arse off.

thank you for the cutest storry that made my day! :D