Wednesday, January 23, 2008

In Respect For Heath Ledger and co.

Everyone seems to be doing posts on Spring/Summer fashion right now. Maybe I'll get round to it. Don't bet on it. Thing is, the minute I see fashion I like I get hugely excited, then the amount of time it takes to write about and upload the photos, I'm like aahhh next.

So anyway. It was weird. It was yesterday, and I was flicking through old magazines making a colour collage of an old Vogue cover. Infact I'll show you my version next time!

To get back to the story-I noticed Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams in an article about men staying home while the women work Why You Should Love a Loser. I don't really agree with the title, but it said that Heath stayed at home 12 months to look after him and Michelle's baby while she worked.

I never really think of Heath Ledger to be honest with you, that was why it was really weird when I found out this morning he died yesterday. I wasn't ever a devoted fan, but I thought he was fit, and it's just really sad that at 28, with a daughter and a career like his, he died. Apparently it's not suicide/it is-i don't know. My friend researched his death today at school and this picture of him came up, carried off on a black stretcher, all wrapped up and surrounded by paramedics. The paparazzi's lights flashed in the background. It was such a sad image. It felt like all his privacy was being ripped away that second as the paparazzi swarmed round him to get the best front page shot. It really made me think that they really don't understand the need for respect and privacy at a time like this.

Then I think of his little girl, two-ish years old I think, and in future when she wants to know what daddy looked like, then all she'd need to do is type in Heath Ledger on Google and that picture would come up. So I just wanted to dedicate a post to him, thinking of his family, remembering him.

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