Friday, February 29, 2008

eBay previews

On a rather impulsive decision, purely based on meaningless visual pleasure, I changed my blog address, banner, blog name. Even the font. The only thing that's the same is my blog-and me =) Hope it didn't confuse you too much, what do you think of it-a good before and after? Explanation of new blog name: i love apple pie, and am currently trying to build up a collection of vintage clothes. Just say those two words to me and i get excited. =)

Surprisingly I haven't kept up with fashion week very well...I'm not going to post lots of pictures picking out my favourites, I've seen that on a lot of blogs but Lala's reviews really stand out to me. =)
I've found some items which I'm previewing here as they will be up on eBay soon, but comment me if you are interested in any, i might be able to hold it for you. =)

Here's the story of these Replay trainers: A few years ago I went through a Converse phase, I was desperate to own a pink pair i think. A walk past Lazybones made me spot these Replay trainers. In the style of Converse etc, I fell in love. They were in the 'sale' for £52, I'm not 100% sure what they were before, £70ish maybe.
Size: UK SIZE: 7/40 but i am a 6/6.5 and they fit me. US SIZE: 8.5/9/9.5
The label reads size UK 7/40/US 8.5 but I am a 5 in heels, 6 in flats and they fit me with extra room to breathe.
Anyway my mum bought them for me, only for me to push them to the back of my wardrobe after I didn't think they suited me. So they are barely worn.
Bottoms of trainers: mint condition, you can't tell they've been worn a couple times.
Flaws: The material parts of the shoe are less bright white than before as they have been worn a few times, and there are a few little marks on the rubbery sides of the trainers.
Overall: great condition, slight wear just adds to the trainers. Look almost new.

Enough chat-here's some photos.

Gladiator sandals are 'in' right now, so it's lucky I've got these.
Story: Dad got them for me last summer but they didn't fit.
Condition: Brand new, unworn. Not sure how much he paid for them.
Label: C'M.
size: UK SIZE 5/38 but they fit a size 6/39 too. US SIZE: 7.5/8/8.5
I know it's a bit confusing that the sizes are broad, this is because the label reads a size UK 5/38/US 7.5 but also fits my model who is a size UK 6/39/US 8.5.
The straps on the side are adjustable. Perfect with tanned legs on a summer holiday.
Overall: many gladiator sandals are below the ankle, why not opt for a unique style?

I also have an unworn, with tag, military aubergine jacket which could be worn by a large 8/10/small 12 (these are UK sizes), i'll put it up later but I'm off to bed now. I haven't slept properly this week and i need it.
Chez Beaute asked 'do you think someone small could wear it as an oversized jacket?'
Definitely. If you're a small 12, it will be a fitting jacket, on an 8/10 it will look great as oversized.

Any q's, just comment.


hannah said...

i like the new blog. the banner is really nice, as is the layout.

i really wish those sandals would fit my feet! if they would i would take them in a heart beat.

oh, and the shoes in my banner are roberto cavalli, thanks for asking.

Live Fabulously said...

lovely blog! i would be very interested in that military jkt you were describing. do you think someone sz small could wear it as an oversized jkt?

thank you so much for linking me...i will link you, too!

hannah said...

nope, they still wont fit my abnormally large feet. im size 9.5 us. but thanks for converting them!

Jane Magnitude said...

I need those gladiator sandals! they are amazing and my size!! how much are you willing to sell them for?