Friday, February 1, 2008

Joe le Taxi-C'est Sa Vie

I cannot tell you how relaxed I feel. It's so nice. I swear this has been the most stressful month of my life. I guess that's what last minute coursework does to you.The biggest thing I have (or haven't learnt) is that you should never, ever, ever leave work to the last minute. But I never actually seem to learn these things.

Today I had an interview with my headteacher as an English Oral assessment. I really hope it went well and that I get a good grade.

Some things I thought you might appreciate me sharing if you need to relax...

The Gossip Girl episodes blog I linked before has been axed/banned/stopped, but it seems the same user has made another blog. Just as well- I don't know if I could have lived without episode 14 on Feb 14. Here's a link for season 4 (!) of Desperate Housewives too.

The blog, Indexed, (with the funny little circles, charts and graphs which make clever pokes at society-which also inspired me to make this and this) has put together a book with all its best bits.

And lastly, for my new blog addiction-Sally Jane Vintage. This is a truly beautiful and inspiring blog. Especially love pictures of her road trip and her vintage style. She also has a shop.

The Lost Girls-three career women who decided to ditch their day-in, day-out jobs to go travelling round the world together. They wrote as they travelled, pics included.

For a musical pick up just listen to the sweet voice of Vanessa Paradis-Joe le Taxi. Sung by her in French, all about a taxi driver, when she was just 14.

I hope you all have lovely, relaxing weekends. Tomorrow I plan to go to town with a friend, get my hair cut, get an outfit for a birthday party tomorrow night (sadly I can't travel to the nearest H&M and get my fix of their black sequin shorts) and Sunday will be Romeo&Juliet essay writing. Next week I will be starting my real GCSE Art exam-this time I'm not going to fuck it up. If in future posts I mention the fatal words 'I should be doing art'-leave me a comment straight away to tell me to get off my skinny bum and get on with it. x

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