Thursday, February 28, 2008

One little bite at a time.

I had assembly this morning. You go to school? Or used to go? You should remember them. Ours are full of pep talks, disguised lectures, visits from bible bashers and 'Not IQ, but I CAN!'s. My head of year told us we have 44 school days left-44! I can't hide my happiness, however school was typically boring and now I have french coursework to get to.

Just wanted to share some of my pictures with you.
Ik vind je lief is Dutch for I think you're sweet. It's a little block of chocolate i got on valentine's day, not from any love interests actually...just my step mum =)

Below: A second hand research observational drawing (of an old Hugo Boss campaign) for my art coursework which I did during art and a boring lesson.

Tomorrow I should be posting ebay items. Hopefully you'll like them.


alexgirl said...

That sketch is amazing. You're so talented! Yes, I totally remember assembly. Ugh. Boring times ten.

SpiegelEule said...

cool drawing....