Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I'm still here

Hello bloggers. I'm back. It's been a really emotional past few days. Knowing I'll be seeing my dad, sister and oma again in around 6 months is hard to digest.
We were at my oma's on the last night and after I had a disagreement with my dad i left her flat, trying to walk down the steps in my new red pumps (will post about later!) without breaking an ankle. I ended up just walking up and down the street thinking and analysing the window displays of shoe and clothes shops. There was also a perfume shop with the history of Chloe perfumes which I spent some time reading. I hope i didn't look like some corner street hooker...
I'm very sorry about the limited posting. I have got a couple saved on drafts but I need to upload pictures for them and I just dont have time right now!

I will definitely have posted by the weekend =)

I n t h e m e a n t i m e...

I had my college interview today, I was really nervous but it went fine. In a big hall with lots of other future students. And I got accepted! I'm so happy! Basically everyone gets accepted as long as you get the right grades in your GCSEs. It just put my mind to rest because I will work extra, extra hard so I can get those grades and get in.

Going to my school's Dance eve tonight. I wish i kept up with dancing, i really miss it. When I go to college there's a city 15 mins or so away so i think i might take up salsa (or anyother Latino dance) there, that's one i'd looove to do.

I forgot to tell you before but last term i got my first ever A* (that's the highest grade possible) I've got As before but never got a grade high enough for that star to appear next to the A. It was for my media coursework, and I worked really, really hard on it, so it was a great surprise!

And finally, I'm clearing out my wardrobe and have found just a few things which I'm putting on sale on eBay, but I'll preview them here first. I'll be posting them Friday-ish but have to focus on my French cw and art cw.

Right I really should go. I'm very behind with Art and if i want to get the grade to get in to school I have to get it done.

C i a o c i a o! X


alexgirl said...

Congrats on getting accepted, and also on the A. That is cool. Can't wait to see the eBay stuff!!!

hannah said...

i missed you.

Leah said...

Well done on college! Gcses aren't that bad really - I say that with hindsight, as-levels are hard work!