Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bus Stops and Elle

Something so great happened today I have to blog about it.

On our way to visit a family friend, my dad, sister and I rushed to the bus stop to (hopefully) be able to get there on time. We missed it.

In the bus shelter we passed was a huge Elle ad for the latest issue. While we were waiting an almost bald, middle-aged-ish, very kind man drove up in a car to get out and change the bus stop ads. (This was his job) I made a passing comment to my dad 'I wonder if he'd let me keep the Elle poster.' He offered to go and ask him to which I told him not to bother. But the idea of taking home a huge Elle poster was too irresistible, so I asked him if he would after all. Usually I would have done it myself but my Dutch isn't 100% and by the time I would have pieced together a sentence to him, the bus would have come.

We waited as my dad chatted to the guy about what happened to the posters (they get recycled) and then dad called me and the guy was holding up an Elle poster which I could have. Not the same one actually, I saw one with a blonde girl with a dress but this one was even cooler. And if I'm right, the shoes pictured are the Gucci S/S '08 ones I'm lusting after.

I ended up carrying a poster 4 times the size of my eleven year old sister through Den Haag but I can't wait to see it on my wall...I'll be posting pictures for you to see when I get home and do it.

It's lifesize, my sister is 5"2 ish so you know.

A few of my own shots:

I love
this song, it's so powerful.


hannah said...

i adore the last two. you are talented. may i ask what kind of camera you have?

SKYLA said...

thank you =) it's a HP Photosmart M425 i think. apparently they're 'not good' but i wouldn't say they're at all bad. x

Just a girl said...

Wow. Holland?! That is so cool. And that Elle poster? I cannot believe how big it is. It rocks. Lucky you. ;-)

Love both of your photos, esp. the one of the roses and the magazine. Did you use macro? I love the macro function on my camera.

Just a girl