Monday, February 18, 2008

I Often Wonder

I'm here! Arrived in Holland the booked time, everything went smoothly as planned-except that the couriers couldn't motorbike their way down to my house with the ID cards so we road tripped it up to them instead. Well it was only 10 mins from Gatwick anyway.

Not a long post, just felt like checking in. I'm missing blogging. But I have things, pictures, ideas to blog about once I'm back-back in England (25 Feb)

I haven't been able to keep off feeding my fashion hunger with the daily rounds of my favourite blogs though, and today I found a quiz on Girls Are Bitchy. Being the weird girl I am who enjoys doing quizzes, I'm posting mine.

My earliest memory is…not the earliest but one of many; flying over Miami on my first holiday to visit Opa and being fascinated by all the little cars and tress and lego sized houses below me.

At school I…don't really feel myself anymore...everyone just seems to be clones of one another. I can't wait till College this sept!

My first relationship was… probably counted as 'seeing someone' in little kid form. i was six-ish with a little blonde dutch boy (also six). He sent me big valentine's cards and a sterling silver bracelet with my name, Skyla, carved into it. We weren't exactly 'bf and gf' but it's a sweet story.

My father always told me…(and still does) to stray from my comfort zone.

I wish i had...already got the skill of sewing and could make whatever item of clothing I wanted.

I wish I hadn't... why bring up spilt milk?

(Just one of)My happiest moments was...finishing school last week on a sunny day, knowing I was flying over to Holland to see my dad etc the next day (while everyone was at school ;) )

At home I cook…once in a Blue Moon

My last meal would be...Chinese food, dutch chips with mayonnaise, meringues w- strwaberries and cream, chocolate cake, Gevulde Koek, veggie sausage rolls, ice cream sundays, etc.

My favourite gadget is…my camera and my phone which I got for my 16th )red samsung u600)

I’m very bad at…time management...

When I was a child I wanted to…go to Hogwarts

The book that changed my life is…I loved Naughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman.

It´s not fashionable, but I love... Wild at Heart a cute ITV drama about a family running accommodation in South Africa.

Friends say I am...´so skinny!´ and crazy

The song I´d most like played at my funeral is...something to get the party started...Wannabe/Spice Girls or Fortune Faded/Red Hot Chilis.

My greatest fear is...slacking, wasting my life and life´s opportunities.

The hardest thing I’ve ever done was… getting my verruca removed by my herbal doctor without anaesthetic and a scalpel knife, that or leaving my Dad, friends family and Holland to move to England.

The last big belly laugh I had was… with friends in Science last term, we were trying to stick my art teacher´s dead dragonflies back together so she wouldn´t kill me. The class as usual just laghed at us.

Something I don’t find amusing is…hearing people think I´m really skinny. They always say it in a certain voice which is neither pos/neg, so now I always ask them ´is that a good thing?´ and it usually turns out that ´it is´.

I’m always being asked… if I´m sure

Cat or dog…hard, but dogs.

favourite work of art is… anything that gets me inspired and my heart pumping. A clear photograph, a colourfully splashed painting, a recent designer item.

I often wonder… what the future holds, and who I´m going to be.

I´m off now. watching the Wedding Crashers with the family. Spent the day with my oma today, hearing her stories, going out and sewing.Was good to do so as i see her only when i come to holland and we don´t often have much time alone. She´s getting me a proper sewing machine in the summer and started showing me the basics today.

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Just a girl said...

Nice quiz! ;-)

When I was a child, I wanted to go to Hogwarts.

Didn't we all? (sighs wistfully.)

I also loved Naughts and Crosses.

Just a girl