Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ik Ga Terug

Hey there. I may not be posting for awhile because from tomorrow till the 25th I'll be going back to Holland (where I used to live) to see my papa, oma, little sister and step-mum. =)

Then again, i may not be able to keep away and a new post may suddenly pop up when you check back. i can't wait to go back, I used to live in Holland until my parents divorced and it's like coming back home. Even though England is home too. I'm so excited about seeing them all again, the last time was last summer. I wonder if my little sister will be very different, she's almost six now!

Either way, I will be back and posting again round the 26th definitely.

I'm hoping to spend a day shopping in Den Haag like I usually do, so maybe I'll have some new buys to show you when I get back...

And i'm going to be improving this little blog a lot more when I get back. A possible trip to London in march and i really want to go to a whole load of vintage shops for unique outfits, so when my outfits are feeling more inspired i'll start doing the typical blog here's-what-i'm-wearing thing. So any ideas for improvement are appreciated.

Time to go pack.

There's a panic right now-our ID cards are with my dad in Holland, he usually flies over with us, but this time we're flying over on our own as i'm old enough.

So my dad had to order a courier to race over to his, pick up the cards, get from Schiphol airport and fly to Gatwick to meet another courier, drive to mine and deliver the ID cards. It's like something out of a James Bond thing except they're much less efficient and for some reason haven't got the cards to us. And if they don't soon, we can't fly tomorrow...

Episode 14 of Gossip Girl tomorrow.


la petite fashionista said...

have a safe trip!

and what is this about episode 14 of gossip girls tommorow??

i'm so confused about what's going on with the show and wheteher its canceled


Stephanie said...

The new blog: