Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Cheeky Treat.

Surprisingly I haven't posted since Tuesday. I'm tres busy with art coursework right now. I have to do 2 artist studies and 2 observational drawings before Tues, and if not I will be spending every lunch with my art teacher who will, more than happily, amputate my lower body-like i accidentally did with her dragonfly. Don't go without reading my explanation because now i sound like a lunatic.

So I'm leaving you with a little dose of fashion inspiration until I manage to post again.

Kate Moss for Mario Testino-'Surfer's Butt.' I think this was taken early on in her career. Look at her checking out the guys' bum in the mirror...



hannah said...

i adore that photo. she is incredible, so is the bum...haha.


Mer said...

I love love this picture